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    Dawn of a new day

    Hey all,
    sorry I haven't posted in a while life tends to take over when you least expect it. India's 6th birthday has come and gone, She had a small party of only 3 friends but she loved it. I do volunteer at her schools library, and I do enjoy it. So does she and Shane (who goes to the same school). On Monday Sage will turn 16 (my whimper here), On the one hand I'm happy for her but again my baby is growing up and already planning to leave the nest.. NOT FAIR and I'm so NOT ready to let her go. I think she's hoping to have a car. HAHAHA.. although she will be going for her license soon.. again mixed emotions.. The kids are all in school. I did alright with them going back. mostly because my antidepressant effexor worked REALLY well. I quite it cold turkey it was a couple of months of hell. 3 weeks of nausea, vertigo, migraines, weakness, and emotionally i was a wreck. I would obsess and cry, scream, giggle, I almost checked myself into our local nut hut. But I'm doing much better now. At least according to everyone else I am, I guess I agree. It's nice to have real emotions and not a shadow of them.

    I had one of my craft shows on the 15th, It was good. I had the whole day away from the house, which is always nice. I have 2 more I believe one on the 5th of december and one on the 6th. hopefully I'll make a little money. Speaking of money, so far no job. I've applied everywhere, but i guess i have no skills anyone wants plus no one wants to give moms hours. So not sure where i'm going to go from here.. maybe i'll go back to school (although i may be to old :)..) I'd like to look into vet tech or something similar. I want to work with farm and big animals. problem is no school in maine for that.. I either have to do it online or move south. not sure what to do.. leave it to me to choose a difficult path.

    My grandfather visited which was nice, I haven't seen him in 6-7years. It was good albeit to short. I worry that it may be the last he's in his 80's and lives in Minnesota, i live in maine. Difficult to travel and visit in this day and age.

    My studio's finally getting organized, I can finally reach my looms. Maybe now I can finally start to weave again. I miss weaving, the whole meditative state of it. Another thing I realized how much I missed doing after the effexor left my system. I missed weaving, knitting, I've also started wanting to work with my stained glass again. I haven't done that since being pregnant with India so about 6-7 years absence from it. oh well so heres the update. I'll try and keep up better..



    Hello everyone.. So I know it's been awhile but here it is.. My kids are back in school, our family is going through highs and lows. We've had to like many americans in this day and age has had to TIGHTEN our belts. And at the WORST possible time I'm thinking about going back to school to be a veterinarian tech. Not only is it a bad time moneywise but I've got a 15 y/o who will also start college soon and she doesn't want a "cheap" school she's looking at ivy league, like harvard, bowdoin and such, AND she wants to be a doctor. I'm so proud of her. She's on the field hockey team, robotics team, and honor student. But she demands SO MUCH of herself.

    As for me my life is going through so many changes. my youngest is now in school, i've been a stay at home for the last 8 years and I think I'm going through a midlife crisis. I just have NO IDEA what to do with myself or even completely who I AM as an individual my identity has been so wrapped up with my kids and husband. So now I'm going through a few growing pains (feeling mildly like a teen again). My husband is great when I try to explain it. And he's all for me going back to school. oh well I need to do stuff around the house.. so more later...


    moving on

    Well we've kind of moved on from sadness. We got 2 new kittens they are working out well. sage named the orange one Nicolai and the white one is named Kia (shortened from Cayenne).

    Yesterday we went to New hampshire in the white mountains and went hiking to a waterfall, unfortunately in the pouring rain.. it was a 20 min. hike one way. the water fall was very worth it. Can't remember the name of it right now. We were drowned rats by the time we got back to the truck. When we left half a mile down the road was dry as a bone. So than (since we had no change of clothes) we went to wal-mart in N. conway and bought new outfits for everyone. told the kids that they were school clothes. :) didn't expect to pay all the extra money, but oh well. Than we decided to go to the Kancamangas Hwy. We went to the lower falls and I have pics of that as well. It was good and we all had fun.. We were all exhausted by the end of the day..

    Today were cleaning.. yahoo..



    So this morning we lost our kitten. Unfortunately it was my youngest who accidently killed her. India was coming outside and callie was trying to come out at the same time. She didn't see the cat and slammed the door, on the cats neck. So this morning all the kids are crying and were going to go see the other kittens to get a new one. May not be the right thing to do but what is. India and Shane are crying themselves sick, and I told them the new kitten won't be Callie but they still want to go. More later..

    Well I picked up 2 and caught holy hell from my husband. what to do. I guess I need to take one back. one's orange/white we called him Nicolai and the other is grey/white and we named her Cayenne or Kia...


    We finally gave her a name

    It's Callie, Callie Cat, or CC.. She's a lively little critter.. The kids are obsessed with her. I'll write more later..


    new family addition

    I did something crazy.. Not only do we have 2 BIG dogs we have 5 angora bunnies and now I came home with a kitten. Tell me am I a little glutten for punishment. She's a cutie though she's calico and only 8 weeks old or so. Right now were trying to get her and our dogs to accept one another. Knock on wood they'll accept each other otherwise we'll have to find the kitten a good home.

    I worked at the farmer's market to day in Steep falls. Our group Saco Valley Fiber Artists have a booth there. It was me, janet, and Su. We didn't sell much but it's nice to get out and have some fun. No kids for a little while and hanging with friends. (and bringing home a kitten)... I'll post a pic of the kitten as soon as I can. Oh well thats it for now.. More later...



    I put a bunch of my fiber on ebay and it all sold.. I'm so excited. I'm always afraid of posting stuff because you never know if it will sell or not. and then your stuck with the fees. I also sell on etsy, yarny goddess, a local store called Leapin' Lizards and I do craft shows. I'm so behind on orders right now. When I go to bed my mind goes nuts with what i need to do and should do that I barely sleep. It's frustrating at times, but all in all I seem to thrive on it.. oh well just a little blurb today, I need to go and clean house.. be back soon..


    Some weekends

    Some times weekends can be crazy. My husband and our friend lived up to the "redneck" definition. They decided to "cut" down a tree with a chain (linked not saw) and a dodge durango. They actually did it with no damage to each other or anyone but it had it's hair raising moments.. That wasn't enough they then had to level a shed using the vehicles. I and my friend Sue, had a yard sale. We made a few bucks, but gave ALOT away. We had one woman come with a little boy, his dad sent him with nothing not even a tooth brush and she was low on money so we gave her grocery bags full for a dollar. Another woman came and she does foster care we gave her 2 big trash bags for 5 dollars.. Like I said not exactly a big money day, but we did feel good about helping people a little. I also worked on some of my weaving..

    I did a little destashing with my fiber stash this weekend as well and placed them on ebay. I decided I probably wasn't going to use those ones and I wanted to make more room for roving and yarn that I know I'd use.. I'm trying to get my studio into better shape, we've been working on it. Somedays I wonder if I'll ever have order to that room.. Just figured I'd do alittle updating. :)


    Ocean sunset

    This is the Sunset at the ocean on July 4th.. Gorgeous...

    4th of July

    OK so for the 4th of July we went to the ocean for the day. It was very cool. We went to Old Orchard Beach. It was a very interesting day we found some critters.. India brought us those worms and I believe there bloodworms which bite. She had a blast with them. I always figured it would be my son who'd bring me all the little icky critters but no it's india who wants them she asked for a pet snake the other day (YUCK).. I told her not til she learns to keep her room clean... Anyway. It was fun, where we were we could see the fireworks being set off in 3 different towns not to mention all the illegal ones. we had our own personal fireworks show. someone brought illegal ones and set them off and they exploded above our heads. Of course the cops showed up and gave us a "friendly" talking to. because we were right there. oh well.

    Yester day the fifth we went to New Hampshire to Diana's Bath (waterfalls and a small hike) It was beautiful. After that we went to Cathedral ledge (they aint joking it's a ledge with a BIG drop). As beautiful as it was i hyperventilated the whole time because there was no fencing. I kept waiting for my kids to get cocky and fall... but all in all it was a blast. then we went to N. conway and played in the park for a couple of hours. It was a nice relaxing day. Now today I think were recuperating. :)


    sage driving

    Finally sunshine

    So finally after roughly 2 weeks of rain, gloom, and gray we had blue skies and heat. Although we did have a small sunshower. We went to the beach which was great. nice and cool. the water was actually really nice.

    A few days ago though we had a break in the rain and decided to go to the lake. So me, my 2 youngest and my friend, Sue with her kids went to the limington rapids. My Shane (who's 8 and approx 60 lbs) decided to swim through the deep part of the river to the shallow sand bar. Generally not a bad thing he can swim and it was only about 5 feet. Unfortunately he decided to have his little sister India piggy back him because she wanted to be with him. Suddenly I hear a crying scream and looked up. all I see is the whites of shanes eyes and india holding on for dear life while trying to climb up her brother. I start yelling at India to let go but she wasn't about to do that So I ran in and grabbed india, pulled her off her brother and with the other hand grabbed shane and pulled him up. the water was to MY chin. They were a little freaked. Funny part is as I was diving into the water FULLY clothed (wasn't planning to swim:) ) a part of me was panicking at seeing my kids drowning and another part in the back of my mind was saying "damn this water is freaking cold!!!!)

    On a lighter note I have tomatoes growing and was able to harvest some lettuce!! Yeah!!


    My Darling Daughter, Sage

    My wonderful darling daughter, Sage just got her permit. We almost made the door to a 7-11 bigger today. She accidently hit the gas instead of the break.. But she did well, she was very controlled, until after and then she almost cried. I told her everyone does it at one time or another. Funny part is that only ONE person inside the store even saw it happen, and he was coming out as we were almost going in. He just laughed. she didn't think I'd let her drive after but I did, barely. Oh well just breathe, right?


    just one of those days

    Alright, so do you ever have one of those days where NOTHING and I mean NOTHING seems to go right, and all you want to do is cry. yeah welcome to my day.. I know that things will get better, but at the moment that really doesn't seem to help.. It kind of started yesterday when I read an article that pointed out that with mortgages in the toilet, food going sky high along with gas, that nothing is going to get better. That our life as we knew it was over, depressing, right? No hope anymore, right. then today trying to make my bills, fix my gardens ( i killed some of my peas :( ), and of course my DH (dear husband) worked from home today and I'M HAVING A BAD DAY!!! I can't even enjoy him being home.. I think I need a vacation, but than who can afford a vacation. :( alright now I will try to end my rant. Sorry but I needed a place to vent a little.. Thanks for listening.



    So due to food and gas prices I decided to have a garden and, though these aren't pictures of my vegetable garden, I was having fun taking photos.
    I'd forgotten how much I loved gardening. The last time I gardened was about 12 years ago. I'll post some pictures of my vegetable gardens soon.


    my first blog

    Okay I realize that the blogging has been going on for awhile, so i figured why not jump on the band wagon :).. finally..
    Since this is my first I'll start with who i am. I'm a mother of 3; sage my oldest at 15, Shane my middle child of 8 and India my youngest at 5. I'm also a wife of a wonderfully understanding man. He often comes home to dye pots instead of dinner on the stove. We have 2 dogs and 5 angora rabbits. I'm a textile artist who knits, spins, weaves, and is often found dyeing (yarn that is). someday i hope to have a farm. I'm a dreamer, a realist, a bitch :) a wife, mother, teacher, artist, pagan, and often unsure of who i am. but than that's life. So after reading this post I hope you find my life fascinating (or at least amusing). I'll try to be informational as well as interesting. so bear with me as I begin.