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    just one of those days

    Alright, so do you ever have one of those days where NOTHING and I mean NOTHING seems to go right, and all you want to do is cry. yeah welcome to my day.. I know that things will get better, but at the moment that really doesn't seem to help.. It kind of started yesterday when I read an article that pointed out that with mortgages in the toilet, food going sky high along with gas, that nothing is going to get better. That our life as we knew it was over, depressing, right? No hope anymore, right. then today trying to make my bills, fix my gardens ( i killed some of my peas :( ), and of course my DH (dear husband) worked from home today and I'M HAVING A BAD DAY!!! I can't even enjoy him being home.. I think I need a vacation, but than who can afford a vacation. :( alright now I will try to end my rant. Sorry but I needed a place to vent a little.. Thanks for listening.

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