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    new family addition

    I did something crazy.. Not only do we have 2 BIG dogs we have 5 angora bunnies and now I came home with a kitten. Tell me am I a little glutten for punishment. She's a cutie though she's calico and only 8 weeks old or so. Right now were trying to get her and our dogs to accept one another. Knock on wood they'll accept each other otherwise we'll have to find the kitten a good home.

    I worked at the farmer's market to day in Steep falls. Our group Saco Valley Fiber Artists have a booth there. It was me, janet, and Su. We didn't sell much but it's nice to get out and have some fun. No kids for a little while and hanging with friends. (and bringing home a kitten)... I'll post a pic of the kitten as soon as I can. Oh well thats it for now.. More later...

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