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    Dawn of a new day

    Hey all,
    sorry I haven't posted in a while life tends to take over when you least expect it. India's 6th birthday has come and gone, She had a small party of only 3 friends but she loved it. I do volunteer at her schools library, and I do enjoy it. So does she and Shane (who goes to the same school). On Monday Sage will turn 16 (my whimper here), On the one hand I'm happy for her but again my baby is growing up and already planning to leave the nest.. NOT FAIR and I'm so NOT ready to let her go. I think she's hoping to have a car. HAHAHA.. although she will be going for her license soon.. again mixed emotions.. The kids are all in school. I did alright with them going back. mostly because my antidepressant effexor worked REALLY well. I quite it cold turkey it was a couple of months of hell. 3 weeks of nausea, vertigo, migraines, weakness, and emotionally i was a wreck. I would obsess and cry, scream, giggle, I almost checked myself into our local nut hut. But I'm doing much better now. At least according to everyone else I am, I guess I agree. It's nice to have real emotions and not a shadow of them.

    I had one of my craft shows on the 15th, It was good. I had the whole day away from the house, which is always nice. I have 2 more I believe one on the 5th of december and one on the 6th. hopefully I'll make a little money. Speaking of money, so far no job. I've applied everywhere, but i guess i have no skills anyone wants plus no one wants to give moms hours. So not sure where i'm going to go from here.. maybe i'll go back to school (although i may be to old :)..) I'd like to look into vet tech or something similar. I want to work with farm and big animals. problem is no school in maine for that.. I either have to do it online or move south. not sure what to do.. leave it to me to choose a difficult path.

    My grandfather visited which was nice, I haven't seen him in 6-7years. It was good albeit to short. I worry that it may be the last he's in his 80's and lives in Minnesota, i live in maine. Difficult to travel and visit in this day and age.

    My studio's finally getting organized, I can finally reach my looms. Maybe now I can finally start to weave again. I miss weaving, the whole meditative state of it. Another thing I realized how much I missed doing after the effexor left my system. I missed weaving, knitting, I've also started wanting to work with my stained glass again. I haven't done that since being pregnant with India so about 6-7 years absence from it. oh well so heres the update. I'll try and keep up better..

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