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    Finally sunshine

    So finally after roughly 2 weeks of rain, gloom, and gray we had blue skies and heat. Although we did have a small sunshower. We went to the beach which was great. nice and cool. the water was actually really nice.

    A few days ago though we had a break in the rain and decided to go to the lake. So me, my 2 youngest and my friend, Sue with her kids went to the limington rapids. My Shane (who's 8 and approx 60 lbs) decided to swim through the deep part of the river to the shallow sand bar. Generally not a bad thing he can swim and it was only about 5 feet. Unfortunately he decided to have his little sister India piggy back him because she wanted to be with him. Suddenly I hear a crying scream and looked up. all I see is the whites of shanes eyes and india holding on for dear life while trying to climb up her brother. I start yelling at India to let go but she wasn't about to do that So I ran in and grabbed india, pulled her off her brother and with the other hand grabbed shane and pulled him up. the water was to MY chin. They were a little freaked. Funny part is as I was diving into the water FULLY clothed (wasn't planning to swim:) ) a part of me was panicking at seeing my kids drowning and another part in the back of my mind was saying "damn this water is freaking cold!!!!)

    On a lighter note I have tomatoes growing and was able to harvest some lettuce!! Yeah!!