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    Ocean sunset

    This is the Sunset at the ocean on July 4th.. Gorgeous...

    4th of July

    OK so for the 4th of July we went to the ocean for the day. It was very cool. We went to Old Orchard Beach. It was a very interesting day we found some critters.. India brought us those worms and I believe there bloodworms which bite. She had a blast with them. I always figured it would be my son who'd bring me all the little icky critters but no it's india who wants them she asked for a pet snake the other day (YUCK).. I told her not til she learns to keep her room clean... Anyway. It was fun, where we were we could see the fireworks being set off in 3 different towns not to mention all the illegal ones. we had our own personal fireworks show. someone brought illegal ones and set them off and they exploded above our heads. Of course the cops showed up and gave us a "friendly" talking to. because we were right there. oh well.

    Yester day the fifth we went to New Hampshire to Diana's Bath (waterfalls and a small hike) It was beautiful. After that we went to Cathedral ledge (they aint joking it's a ledge with a BIG drop). As beautiful as it was i hyperventilated the whole time because there was no fencing. I kept waiting for my kids to get cocky and fall... but all in all it was a blast. then we went to N. conway and played in the park for a couple of hours. It was a nice relaxing day. Now today I think were recuperating. :)