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    So this morning we lost our kitten. Unfortunately it was my youngest who accidently killed her. India was coming outside and callie was trying to come out at the same time. She didn't see the cat and slammed the door, on the cats neck. So this morning all the kids are crying and were going to go see the other kittens to get a new one. May not be the right thing to do but what is. India and Shane are crying themselves sick, and I told them the new kitten won't be Callie but they still want to go. More later..

    Well I picked up 2 and caught holy hell from my husband. what to do. I guess I need to take one back. one's orange/white we called him Nicolai and the other is grey/white and we named her Cayenne or Kia...


    We finally gave her a name

    It's Callie, Callie Cat, or CC.. She's a lively little critter.. The kids are obsessed with her. I'll write more later..