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    what I'm up to..

    So here's what I'm up to.. My gloves that I'm making my aunt are frustrating me no end.. I've torn them out about a couple hundred times, and will have to do a new pair because the first glove i finished which fit her well was a mess up and I DON'T REMEMBER HOW I MESSED UP!! so now I need to figure out how to make them small again (She has tiny hands).. Karen I will get them to you.... I started working on my genealogy, finding that VERY addictive.. Told my husband that we'll have to start touring to find relatives and such.. The Beseman - Roseth - Darling family tree..

    On top of that I started to make coffee cozies for my craft show at Idexx tomorrow. nothing like procrastinating.. They will be going on etsy after the show along with all my other creations

    So hopefully my show tomorrow goes better than my last one.. I've done 2 and this is my last one so far, I may add some although it looks like spring I will be adding more. The kids have all been battling flu's and colds, I opted out of the H1N1 vaccine for them and us, I just don't trust it. I blame my dad and his conspiracy theories :)... oh, I'd better get back to my studio.. more later everyone...


    One of my craft shows

    “Home at the Grange”
    Saturday, November 14, 2009
    North Scarborough Grange #49556 County Road

    (Route 22 near intersection of Saco Road)
    Scarborough, ME
    ~Artist Demonstrations~
    ~Unique Handcrafted Items for Sale~


    Shane playing hockey

    This is a video of my son playing some ice hockey with the 'lil Scots.. a wonderful hockey program in the bonney eagle school system. it takes ages (I believe) 4-11 and teaches them how to enjoy ice hockey and the basic skills needed.. the younger kids start out on buckets and are fun to watch.. Shane has been with the program since he was about 3, India has been with it as well since she was about 3.. Some of the volunteers play on the high school hockey team and they are all wonderful with the children.. India actually was able to get on the ice her last couple of days. she had the dubious honor of being the first accident in 10 years, she's proud (not joking).... Shane doesn't want to leave the program but he's getting close to that age, next year he can play on the BE team.


    another weekend

    Ever feel like weekends are WAAAAY to short... Last weekend my darling Husband had to work pretty much all weekend, which burnt him out. This week has been hell.. I guess it has been awhile.. India, my youngest, at the beginning of hockey (ice) fell on the ice literally 5 min. into practice, she fractured her wrist, that was 3 weeks ago. On monday of this last week my Oldest (Sage, 16) came home from her field hockey game saying she thinks she broke her thumb.. So she went to see our Dr. Harvey at Bowdoin Med. Group (kick ass doc), he agreed and set up an appt for xrays the next day (by this time it was 7ish at night).. The next day I took her for xrays, they came back negative. That didn't satisfy our doc so he set up an appt for a specialist. So now it's wednesday and were on our way to see the orthopedic specialist. It's not broken she has a UCL sprain (?) the muscle between her pointing finger and thumb. basically her pinching mucsle. So she's in a gauntlet cast to hold her thumb imobile and it sounds like she'll have physical therapy after. If she doesn't do PT she could lose her grip strength and the mucsle not heal correctly.. Oh isn't life wonderful..

    On Thursday we toured Bowdoin College in Brunswich Maine... BEAUTIFUL campus, should be for the price. My daughter whose just turning 17 and should be a JR. decided to graduate a year early, Miss smarty pants ;).. I go from being so proud and happy for her to being so bumbed because my oldest is leaving a year before she's suppose to.. how much does that suck... We still have at least 2 more school tours Bates in Lewiston, ME and boston university.. She wants to be a doctor.

    Friday was Sage last field hockey game of her high school career, doc gave her clearance to play.. they tied 2 -2, but i believe bonny eagle made the playoffs.

    It was a LONG week. It's been a LONG few weeks.. between sports, sports injuries, college and school stuff, I'm ready for vacation. This doesn't even tackle the fact that I have craft shows coming and am SSSOOO NOT ready!!!! So my question is partially to any other mothers out there reading my blog, is there such thing as a vacation for a mom????


    kids first day of school!!!

    Shane playing soccer
    India on her first day of 1st grade..

    shane is going into 4th grade and India 1st.. Sage is a 11/12th grader..

    My kids first day of school... yahoo!!!

    something I'm working on..

    So here's some pictures of a weaving I'm working on....


    A Saturday

    We went to Buxton Community Days. It was pretty cool, the first time we'd ever gone. I enjoy small community fairs like that, less confusion than the big state type fairs. Not to mention it seems as though its more neighbor, community based, more intimate. they had rides so the kids each got a few rides leaving shane and Ty (shanes friend) nauseous. India was fine.. I think it was the combination of french fries, fast rides and humidity.. (although I'll take the humidity over rain..) After the Buxton Days, we went swimming and that seemed to help the kids. The cool water countered the humidity and affects of it.. It was a nice and relaxing day I think.. I was in bed and exhausted by ten that night though.. unfortunately with being to bed so early, I've now been up since 2 am... and that part sucks.. It's now after 6 and I should attempt to sleep but I'm still not tired.. We wound up having a bbq with our good friends sue and sonny, and that was fun I just wish I had been more awake for it.. We had hotdogs for the kids and shichkabobs for us along with fruit salad (yummy yummy), potatoe salad and corn on the cob.. It was a wonderful feast.



    I want SUN!

    sorry had to throw a little temper tantrum about it.. We actually did have a nice day yesterday and we had a yard sale trying to save some money for our minnesota trip.. It'll be wonderful to see my family (soap operas and all).. The kids are all done with school in 5.5 days.. there stoked and can't wait to be done.. neither can i unless it continues to rain and then i want them in school so that I won't be annoyed and miserable with bored children.. LOL..


    AAAWWWW June

    Today I went as a chaperone to the ocean for Shane (my 3rd grader). We went to Crescent state park. It was really fun.. We had a scavenger hunt, the boys played some football and some frisbee. It made me glad that I've been trying to get into shape because OMG do those kids have energy...

    I was working in my garden the other day and leaning against the garage was a mattress spring and i was looking at that and weeding my peas (which are beginning to lean over) when a lightning bolt hit me.. all those "going green" and "recycle and reuse" shows i watch and there it was my pea climber.. so i put it in my garden for my peas to climb.. I think it looks REALLY cool and sage says though it looks cool, it's also very redneckish.. Craig thought it was awesome even went so far as to see if we had another to use for my other garden beds..
    pictures will be coming soon but for some reason it won't let me upload them right now... you can also check out my photos at there in the 2009 photo album...


    Rain Rain go away...

    So it's been rainy off and on since tuesday and though i know we need it and my garden needs it I'd like some sun and warmth. So today in between showers I decided to take some pictures of some of my plants.. They came out pretty cool I thought.. I have to do something to keep my sanity.. I also have so many irons in the studio.. I started 2 blankets for dani's (my sisters) boys and I'm putting some of my crafts to gether for my sister brandy for her shows this summer in minnesota and I need to make MORE products for my shows in the fall, starting in September.. So I have both of my big looms all warped and am working on a scarf (I think, sometimes the final product isn't what I planned) and a rug. I have one rigid heddle loom done up with a scarf (need to finish) and the other rigid I have warped and need to get that off of the loom so that i can bring that one to minnesota and teach my mom to weave. List is endless..
    Memorial weekend we went fishing on Monday, first time in years and not a dang nibble, lots of weeds.. It was fun though. On saturday went yard selling with my friends sue and cathy got lost (only people i know that can get turned around and lost with a GPS) and didn't get home until 5ish but SOOO worth it.. It was fun... Sunday we had a BBQ with our friends Suzanne and Blain.. The food was delicious and the companydevine... It was fun... So all in all we had a great weekend, did everything from golf at driving range to fishing...
    But now I'm making spaghetti and need to finish it.. So more later!!


    feeling creative

    So I went through a few years of depression and being put on effexor was wonderful.. I was on it for 2 years roughly and I was not depressed but slowly something happened to me. I started feeling .... nothing.... for lack of better word.. I new that I loved my family but I just didn't care. I stopped working on my crafts, I stopped caring. Finally this last year my family had an intervention. Can you say BLOW UP!! I went through roughly 5 months of cold turkey with the depression meds. nausea, vertigo (severly), nightmares, night sweats, lack of concentration, forgetting sentences halfway through (still doing that.)... but in going through that mild discomfort, I seem to have come through a little stronger (i hope).. I'm beginning to feel a lot more creative and seem to be able to handle life better. not saying it's all roses and parades but I'm again enjoying my life. My family seems to be getting closer and stronger, for which I'm happy to say. Now if only I could enjoy housework.. LOL!!

    So I started working in my studio again and have a bunch of projects going once again.. I'm weaving a rug, and a scarf. working on making some cloth bracelets. not to mention an aunt of mine would like a couple pair of gloves for which she has been patient in waiting for.. (thanks Karen)..

    So here is my update.. hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping up with my blog..


    Dear Kitchen Gardener,

    (Begin pinching yourself now)
    "Obamas to Plant White House Vegetable Garden"
    On Friday, March 20th, 2009, 23 third graders will join First Lady Michelle Obama on the South Lawn of the White House to break ground on an 1100 square foot kitchen garden that will provide food for family dinners and formal dinners.

    According to the New York Times:The Obamas’ garden will have 55 varieties of vegetables grown from organic seedlings started at the executive mansion’s greenhouses.

    And better still:

    Almost the entire Obama family, including the president, will pull weeds, “whether they like it or not,” Mrs. Obama said laughing.

    Ok, you can stop pinching yourself: you aren't dreaming this and an off batch of sauerkraut hasn't caused a rare case of lacto-fermentation-hallucination.



    Those of you who have been part of the KGI community for a while know that this is a long-term project of ours, started in February 2008. It was back in the middle of the presidential primary season when 99.9999% of the population was focused on who the next president was going to be. We were the .0001% of the population that was thinking about what his or her family was going to eat and where it would be grown.

    It's been quite a ride for KGI as an organization and for me personally since then. For those of you who are new and weren't with us for the trip, we had some fun along the way. We started following a hopeful little web project called in February 2008, read about ourselves in the New York Times in April, began putting our names on a White House Food Garden petition in June, hummed along to This Lawn is Your Lawn in July 2008, read about ourselves in the International Herald Tribune in July, placed bids on the White House Lawn which we had put up for sale on eBay in August, watched with wonder as two young guys inspired by our work set off in a funky bus to take the edible White House idea across the country and back, chuckled our way through September watching the Garden of Eatin', read Michael Pollan's "Farmer-in-Chief" article with great interest in October which also spoke of a new garden at the White House, voted "This Lawn is Your Lawn" onto national TV through the Climate Matters video contest in October, got swept up in the energy of the November elections, leafed our way through the Washington Post in January, pushed hard to get out the vote in the contest later that month (and won that too beating out 4000 other ideas), began inviting more people to sign our petition on our campaign site and on Facebook also in January, spoke with and e-mailed various members of Michelle Obama's staff in February (me, in this case, but maybe you did too? They said they were hearing from a lot of people.), and here we are in March 2009 reading the headline above and vicariously walking our way through the delicious garden paths of the future South Lawn:

    What more can I say besides thank you for all your support and patience with this project. Many individuals made this great day possible: - Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, John Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barack and Michelle Obama - but we can feel pride in being the community that pulled together and made a difference.

    So let's celebrate that. The seeding or the weeding can wait. Tomorrow's about savoring a moment that was a long time in the making.

    Best wishes,


    PS: Got any thoughts to share on this news or anything else? That's what our forums are for.

    PPS: If you are a media person, blogger, or know one, you can find our press release below.


    For Immediate Release

    Roger Doiron
    phone: (207) 883-5341
    cell: (207) 807-6364

    100,000 Applaud Announcement of a New White House Food Garden
    Environment, Nation’s Food System and People's Health Stand to Benefit

    (Scarborough, Maine) –100,000 people signed a petition asking the Obamas to replant a Victory Garden at the White House, and recent news reports indicate that they are about to reap what they sowed.

    For advocates of sustainable and healthy foods, this harvest of good news was as welcome as the summer’s first red-ripe tomato. “I’m thrilled for the Obama family and for all who will be inspired by their example to grow gardens of their own this year,” said Roger Doiron, founder of the nonprofit Kitchen Gardeners International and leader of the successful petition campaign, “Eat the View.”

    Launched in February 2008, Eat the View proposed that the Obamas replant a White House Victory Garden while planting a few extra rows for the hungry. The campaign used viral videos and social networking technologies like Facebook to grow a large support base, attract international media attention and help inspire a larger grassroots effort. In January, 2009, Eat the View won the “On Day One” contest sponsored by the United Nations Foundation, beating out 4,000 other entries and resulting in thousands of messages being sent to the White House in support of its proposal.

    Over the course of the past month, the Eat the View campaign has touted the economic benefits of home gardens as part of its pitch to White House staff members. As proof, Doiron and his wife spent nine months weighing and recording each vegetable they pulled from their 1,600-square-foot garden outside Portland, Maine. After counting the final winter leaves of salad, they found that they had saved about $2,150 by growing produce for their family of five instead of buying it. “If you consider that there are millions of American families who could be making similar, home-grown savings, those are no small potatoes,” Doiron said.

    Although the White House garden campaign is now winding down, Doiron says the Eat the View campaign is just getting warmed up. “Now that the Obamas are on board, we’re going to be reaching out to other people and identifying other high-profile pieces of land that could be transformed into edible landscapes. Sprawling lawns around governors’ residences, schoolyards, vacant urban lots: those are all views that should be eaten.”

    History of Harvest at the White House
    While the Obamas’ garden and the online technologies that campaigned for it might be new, the idea of an edible landscape at the White House is not. Throughout its history, the White House has been home to food gardens of different shapes and sizes and even to a lawn-mowing herd of sheep in 1918. The appeal of the White House garden project, Doiron asserts, is that it serves as a bridge between the country’s past and its future. “The last time food was grown on the White House lawn was in 1943, when the country was at war, the economy was struggling and people were looking to the First Family for leadership. It made sense before and it makes sense again as we try to live within our own means and those of the planet.”

    Additional info:

    Eat the View campaign website:

    History the White House as an edible landscape from 1800 to the present:

    Eat the View artwork:

    Testimonials on behalf of the Eat the View campaign from noted national and international figures:

    Eat the View campaign videos:

    Bio and photos of Roger Doiron:

    Kitchen Gardeners International is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in Maine, USA with friends from around the world. Our mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance through the promotion of kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems. Contact info: Kitchen Gardeners International, 3 Powderhorn Drive, Scarborough, ME 04074 phone (207) 883-5341,


    A Saturday

    We got our new cell phones today. I'm happy with it so far I got the pantech matrix and like it. We went to about 3 AT & T stores all sold out called another one and they sold out yesterday. Finally my husband called one and they had the last one. So once again after about 6 months of having no phone I now have my cell phone ( or as I like to call it my electronic leash).. So far its nice, I like the dual slide keypads and it fits nicely in my hand (and for those of you I know who are reading this get your mind out of the gutter :) )... it texts beautifully and thank god it's not a touch screen.. my last one was and it made me VERY frustrated at times.. My daughter got the Eternity and she loves it so far.. Thats all for tonite.. have a good nite...


    Just a'ramblin'..

    So I think I post once every 3 months or so.. Holidays were busy but fun. I made some of the gifts. I made my daughter (sage) a gym bag. I also made some jewelry for a few people. of course in the process of making the gym bag my sewing machine began jamming. (altho' it's been doing that for a while now.) So for my birthday (which is monday the 19th) I'm getting a new sewing machine. yahoo.. Sage's friends keep asking me for a gym bag.. We had Christmas with some of my family and spent New Years with friends.. I did have some to drink and for those who know me know that's rare for me. I fell asleep on my girl Sues bed. But we did have fun..

    I've been working on getting my studio organized and in order. THAT'S frustrating and yet rewarding. It's nice to get it all in order though it's a SLOW process.. I can actually get to my looms now. I haven't gotten a lot of projects completed but I think I've gotten a lot of other things completed (or close to it) that have been on the back burner for awhile..

    My dad got to visit in November and that was awesome. I wish my mom had gotten to as well but it was VERY nice to see my dad. It made sage's bday. Although she is now 16 and believes we should buy her a new car.. (lol) with the economy the way it is, I don't think so.

    So MY birthday is on Monday and I don't know whether or not to be bummed.. I keep telling myself that it's just another day but that doesn't always wash. Oh well I guess we'll see at how that day turns out.