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    So I went through a few years of depression and being put on effexor was wonderful.. I was on it for 2 years roughly and I was not depressed but slowly something happened to me. I started feeling .... nothing.... for lack of better word.. I new that I loved my family but I just didn't care. I stopped working on my crafts, I stopped caring. Finally this last year my family had an intervention. Can you say BLOW UP!! I went through roughly 5 months of cold turkey with the depression meds. nausea, vertigo (severly), nightmares, night sweats, lack of concentration, forgetting sentences halfway through (still doing that.)... but in going through that mild discomfort, I seem to have come through a little stronger (i hope).. I'm beginning to feel a lot more creative and seem to be able to handle life better. not saying it's all roses and parades but I'm again enjoying my life. My family seems to be getting closer and stronger, for which I'm happy to say. Now if only I could enjoy housework.. LOL!!

    So I started working in my studio again and have a bunch of projects going once again.. I'm weaving a rug, and a scarf. working on making some cloth bracelets. not to mention an aunt of mine would like a couple pair of gloves for which she has been patient in waiting for.. (thanks Karen)..

    So here is my update.. hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping up with my blog..

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