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    Rain Rain go away...

    So it's been rainy off and on since tuesday and though i know we need it and my garden needs it I'd like some sun and warmth. So today in between showers I decided to take some pictures of some of my plants.. They came out pretty cool I thought.. I have to do something to keep my sanity.. I also have so many irons in the studio.. I started 2 blankets for dani's (my sisters) boys and I'm putting some of my crafts to gether for my sister brandy for her shows this summer in minnesota and I need to make MORE products for my shows in the fall, starting in September.. So I have both of my big looms all warped and am working on a scarf (I think, sometimes the final product isn't what I planned) and a rug. I have one rigid heddle loom done up with a scarf (need to finish) and the other rigid I have warped and need to get that off of the loom so that i can bring that one to minnesota and teach my mom to weave. List is endless..
    Memorial weekend we went fishing on Monday, first time in years and not a dang nibble, lots of weeds.. It was fun though. On saturday went yard selling with my friends sue and cathy got lost (only people i know that can get turned around and lost with a GPS) and didn't get home until 5ish but SOOO worth it.. It was fun... Sunday we had a BBQ with our friends Suzanne and Blain.. The food was delicious and the companydevine... It was fun... So all in all we had a great weekend, did everything from golf at driving range to fishing...
    But now I'm making spaghetti and need to finish it.. So more later!!

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