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    AAAWWWW June

    Today I went as a chaperone to the ocean for Shane (my 3rd grader). We went to Crescent state park. It was really fun.. We had a scavenger hunt, the boys played some football and some frisbee. It made me glad that I've been trying to get into shape because OMG do those kids have energy...

    I was working in my garden the other day and leaning against the garage was a mattress spring and i was looking at that and weeding my peas (which are beginning to lean over) when a lightning bolt hit me.. all those "going green" and "recycle and reuse" shows i watch and there it was my pea climber.. so i put it in my garden for my peas to climb.. I think it looks REALLY cool and sage says though it looks cool, it's also very redneckish.. Craig thought it was awesome even went so far as to see if we had another to use for my other garden beds..
    pictures will be coming soon but for some reason it won't let me upload them right now... you can also check out my photos at there in the 2009 photo album...

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