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    A Saturday

    We got our new cell phones today. I'm happy with it so far I got the pantech matrix and like it. We went to about 3 AT & T stores all sold out called another one and they sold out yesterday. Finally my husband called one and they had the last one. So once again after about 6 months of having no phone I now have my cell phone ( or as I like to call it my electronic leash).. So far its nice, I like the dual slide keypads and it fits nicely in my hand (and for those of you I know who are reading this get your mind out of the gutter :) )... it texts beautifully and thank god it's not a touch screen.. my last one was and it made me VERY frustrated at times.. My daughter got the Eternity and she loves it so far.. Thats all for tonite.. have a good nite...


    Just a'ramblin'..

    So I think I post once every 3 months or so.. Holidays were busy but fun. I made some of the gifts. I made my daughter (sage) a gym bag. I also made some jewelry for a few people. of course in the process of making the gym bag my sewing machine began jamming. (altho' it's been doing that for a while now.) So for my birthday (which is monday the 19th) I'm getting a new sewing machine. yahoo.. Sage's friends keep asking me for a gym bag.. We had Christmas with some of my family and spent New Years with friends.. I did have some to drink and for those who know me know that's rare for me. I fell asleep on my girl Sues bed. But we did have fun..

    I've been working on getting my studio organized and in order. THAT'S frustrating and yet rewarding. It's nice to get it all in order though it's a SLOW process.. I can actually get to my looms now. I haven't gotten a lot of projects completed but I think I've gotten a lot of other things completed (or close to it) that have been on the back burner for awhile..

    My dad got to visit in November and that was awesome. I wish my mom had gotten to as well but it was VERY nice to see my dad. It made sage's bday. Although she is now 16 and believes we should buy her a new car.. (lol) with the economy the way it is, I don't think so.

    So MY birthday is on Monday and I don't know whether or not to be bummed.. I keep telling myself that it's just another day but that doesn't always wash. Oh well I guess we'll see at how that day turns out.