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    A Saturday

    We went to Buxton Community Days. It was pretty cool, the first time we'd ever gone. I enjoy small community fairs like that, less confusion than the big state type fairs. Not to mention it seems as though its more neighbor, community based, more intimate. they had rides so the kids each got a few rides leaving shane and Ty (shanes friend) nauseous. India was fine.. I think it was the combination of french fries, fast rides and humidity.. (although I'll take the humidity over rain..) After the Buxton Days, we went swimming and that seemed to help the kids. The cool water countered the humidity and affects of it.. It was a nice and relaxing day I think.. I was in bed and exhausted by ten that night though.. unfortunately with being to bed so early, I've now been up since 2 am... and that part sucks.. It's now after 6 and I should attempt to sleep but I'm still not tired.. We wound up having a bbq with our good friends sue and sonny, and that was fun I just wish I had been more awake for it.. We had hotdogs for the kids and shichkabobs for us along with fruit salad (yummy yummy), potatoe salad and corn on the cob.. It was a wonderful feast.