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    Didn't realize how long since I've updated... Lets see the highlights.

    1. Sage is in college now. still plans on being a doctor. She's attending USM, with plans of doing one more year there and than transfering somewhere else. She hasn't been playing field hockey
    :( bummer she's good. But she replaced that with a job at a candy store... still does well at school and is living at the dorms...

    2. Shane is playing middle school hockey and is doing well at school. still struggling with reading. He starts middle school this coming school year.. He's still very much a gamer... he also enjoys telling me which guns are better...

    3. India is a drama queen and going through the "everyone's mean to me" stage, and its not my fault stage... She was in cheering, that was interesting. She wants to play more hockey next year, so she wants to join the huskies.. we'll see. driving one kid every week at 5 am is enough, so we'll see...

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